Hospitality since 1840...

1840 construction of hat house – parts are still preserved

1867 Using as an Inn

1879 Burning down of this estate. Reconstruction and construction of a two-storey building. From the ‘Gattnauer’ village chronicle: ‘The second burning in Gattnau. The 28th April 3.30 AM. Reason unknown. On the eve of goodbye and trouble. Stop-go the whole night. The restaurant  knew no closing time anyway. Every day you could meet lots of guests, even during the church service.’

1880 Lot of sales to most external acquirer. (At least 10 owner changes)

1910 Johann Baptist Harrer buys the Gasthaus Forst

1941 Johann Baptist Harrer died. Switch over of the restaurant and the agriculture to his wife.

1959-1962 Anna Harrer, their daughter

1963-1993 Karl and Renate Osswald, geb. Harrer

1994 until now Uwe and Doris Osswald

2010 we were celebrating 100 years Gasthaus Forst in family owning

2010 building of a terrace for breakfast

2011-2012 Construction of 12 hotel rooms

2013 Expansion of the kitchen

2014 Terrace extension

2015 Guestroom newly renovated

2015 New planting of an apple plant with varieties: Cox Orange, Boskoop, Rubinette, Jonagold, ornamental apples

2016 Guesthouse bathroom newly renovated

2017 Reception/corridor redesigned

2017/2018 We build an agricultural hall with show distillery

  1. Luftansicht Halle