Agriculture and Fruits

Agriculture has always been an integral part of our inn "zum Forst". In the past, potatoes and hops were also cultivated. Today, it is mainly pome fruit and stone fruit that we grow around the inn. The range of fruits is complemented by our hotel garden, which provides us with fresh herbs, figs, blackberries and kiwis throughout the growing season. Due to its location directly behind the inn, the garden can be reached quickly and invites you to take a short walk

Forst Destillery

In addition to fruit growing, the distillery has a long tradition in our house. The distilling right allows us to produce high quality fruit brandies. During harvest time we pick the aromatic fruits, which are then crushed and stored. They are stored until the fruit is completely fermented. Between December and February, when work at the inn is at rest, we then produce our spirits. In 2018 we have built a new agricultural hall below the inn and have also planted young apple and pear trees. Here the new show distillery as well as the resulting fine spirits will find a new home.

All generations of the family know about distilling. Renate Osswald, as well as Doris Osswald, Uwe Osswald and Laura Osswald can refine the fruit they produce themselves into high-quality cultural products. Uwe and Doris Osswald have already won numerous medals for their distillates at the regional awards of the Association of Small and Fruit Distillers South Württemberg-Hohenzollern. Since 2019 Laura Osswald has been training to become a distiller and a state-approved specialist for distilling and can therefore contribute additional knowledge and new ideas.

In our Forst distillery we offer groups of about 8 to 16 people an insight into the production of our fine spirits with tasting. Appointments in advance are necessary, please contact us.

"Kressbronn Brennt"

Of the many distilleries around the eastern part of Lake Constance, the eight distillers Bernd Brugger, Dietmar Opitz, Uwe Osswald, Adelbert Rist, Alois Rottmar, Martin Steinhauser, Daniel Strohmaier and Reiner Willmann have come together to present their craftsmanship and to show how the home-grown fruit becomes refined cultural products. At the State Award 2019, the Kressbronn distillers were again very successful and their distillates were awarded numerous medals. Therefore the group would like to pass on its work to a broad public and on April 25th, 2020 the Kressbronn Distillery Way will be opened together with the village Kressbronn with various information and background information about the production of distillates.

Forsts fruit brandies

We mainly produce single-variety brandies from our own fruit and the region. From sour cherry brandy, apple and pear brandies to quince, apricot and peach brandies, we offer a wide range of products. The fruits are hand-picked and mashed by ourselves. Our brandies contain neither added sugar nor flavours, colourings or preservatives.

The range of brandies is supplemented by aromatic spirits, gin, spirits and liqueurs. So there is something for every taste.