Our restaurant includes our cozy, traditional premises and an idyllic terrace, where you can enjoy our food and drinks, as well as the marvelous view on the lake and mountains.

Our self-contained ‘Brennereistube’ is the perfect location for bigger groups or familiar celebration. The spacious room arrangement offers enough space for musician, play and dancing.

Our guests enjoy their breakfast in the distillery room and in good weather on our own breakfast terrace.

After the renovation work and the successful transformation from the orchard adjacent to the inn to an agricultural hall with show distillery, since summer 2018 both the distillery and the resulting fine wines have found a new home. Of course the distillery is available for a visit.

The fruits of our orchard are available fresh from the farm for the respective season. Not only can they be processed into spirits and liqueurs, we also make our own juices, syrup, apple chips, jams and more.



Our Hotel with restaurant is located in the orchard of Kressbronn with 3 km distance to the lake of constance, beautiful trails and viewpoints.

For your relaxation stands our herbal-garden with lawn and a sitting room for deception.

We look forward to your visit, your family Osswald